EU Commission: Apple faces fines for Apple Pay

Apple does not want to give third parties access to Apple Pay. The EU Commission sees this as a distortion of competition.

The EU Commission sent Apple a list of complaints this week. The stumbling block is the fact that Apple does not want to give third-party providers access to its Apple Pay payment system. The function is used on the manufacturer’s smartwatches and smartphones.

Contactless payment via NFC

Apple Pay can currently only be used with the US company’s mobile wallet. Users can save their account and credit card data in the electronic purse and make contactless payments at payment terminals via NFC. The EU competition watchdog is bothered by the fact that Apple only allows its own mobile wallet for payments via NFC.

Apple blocks access to NFC chip

The EU Commission sees great potential in mobile wallets. However, since it only makes sense for developers to program applications for Google’s Android, this effort is not worth it for many – development would be hindered in this way. Since Apple blocks access to the NFC chip, many European banks see themselves at a disadvantage.

Apple needs to take a stand

Apple explains its approach to user safety. Third-party wallets would pose a security risk, according to the US company. However, the EU Commission’s investigation, which has been running since mid-2020, found no evidence of security risks from third-party wallets. According to the EU Commission, Apple cannot justify the restriction in this way. Apple must now comment on the complaints. If the US company does not do this, it faces official proceedings with high fines.

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