EU Commission demands gradual opening of borders

The EU commission calls for the border controls in the Schengen area gradually to be canceled. “Since the Health situation gradually improved, the Balancing change to an unrestricted Free movement of people“it says in the draft of a message that the Handelsblatt is present.

The Brussels authorities want to present their recommendations on Wednesday, along with suggestions on tourism.

A coordinated approach at opening borders is important to enable economic recovery in the EU countries, the Commission argues. Delaying this process longer than necessary, the Commission said, “would not only put a heavy burden on the functioning of the internal market, but also on the lives of millions of EU citizens who are being denied the benefits of free movement”. For the external borders of the EU had recently recommended that entry restrictions be extended to at least mid-June.

Not overnight

Nevertheless, the authority warns against abolishing entry restrictions overnight. Too fast and uncoordinated opening Without the necessary accompanying measures, a “sudden increase in infections” could result. A “carefully calibrated approach” is therefore important: controls should first be relaxed in regions where the number of infections on both sides of the border has improved comparably.

It is also a prerequisite that safety precautions such as keeping a distance can be observed over the entire journey. It was “of the utmost importance” that sufficient tests were available and that the authorities worked across borders to track the contact of sick people. Tour operator and destination countries of tourists, the authority requests to develop security concepts.


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