EU gives green light: Microsoft is allowed to buy game giant Bethesda

The European Commission states in its newsletter on Monday that there are no competition concerns about the acquisition of ZeniMax by Microsoft. According to the Commission, Microsoft and ZeniMax together still have a “limited position” in the games market, with “strong competitors in video game distribution”.

The acquisition has therefore been officially approved. It is not known whether the Commission imposes conditions on the acquisition. Microsoft will pay $ 7.5 billion for the acquisition.

Wolfenstein and DOOM

Microsoft announced the acquisition of ZeniMax Media in September 2020. Most important part of that company is game publisher Bethesda and all the studios of that company, known for games such as The Elder Scrolls, Fallout, Wolfenstein, DOOM and Dishonored.

US already announced takeover well

Following the announcement, the acquisition was, as usual, investigated by regulators. Last week, the US stock market watchdog SEC already gave its approval for the merger.

Bethesda has released many of its games in the past for almost all consoles and game platforms. It is unknown whether this will continue to be the case; a number of already announced games will still appear on competitors of Microsoft’s Xbox.

It is clear that all new and existing Bethesda will be added to Game Pass, Microsoft’s subscription service where players can play more than 100 games unlimited for 10 euros per month.


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