‘Euphoria’ actor versus coarse director who is not on mute: 1 – 0

What do you do when you audition online, but the director forgets mute to click and comment on your little apartment? You will find everything online Euphoriaactor Lukas Gage. And he did.

The whole world is slowly learning to work with Zoom. And with some people that learning process is already a bit smoother than with others. One of the people who urgently needs to learn to work better with the mutefeature of the tool, is a director as yet unknown.

“Poor people in small apartments”

He organized an online casting, and one of the interested actors was Lukas Gage. Among other things, he played in Euphoria and Love, Victor. That the audition didn’t go smoothly is an understatement. The director gave rude comments on Gage’s apartment.

Only he was forgotten on it mutebutton and the actor could hear everything. And Lukas Gage? He shared the whole event via social media. The video starts with clear words from the director: “Those poor people in their small apartments.”

Job needed

He goes on to describe, but Gage soon intervenes. “You don’t get up mute“, It sounds while he makes a painful face. The director (whose identity is currently unknown) apologizes several times, but Gage handles the situation well.

“I know this one shitty apartment ”, he says. “That’s why you have to hire me so I can buy another.” Then he gets ready to start the audition.

Above the video, Gage penned another “message of public benefit”. “If you’re a director who talks badly about someone, keep your microphone on mute stands during zoom meetings ”, it read.


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