Europe Day: SPÖ wants minimum wages in every EU country

Today’s Europe Day marks the official start of the conference on the future of Europe. Ideas for EU reform are to be collected in a broad participation process. The Social Democrats want to “finally make the promise of prosperity concrete” and demand a minimum wage for every EU country. They also want to abolish child poverty, invest in good, new jobs and introduce a millionaire tax, says the SPÖ faction leader in the EU Parliament, Andreas Schieder.

“No ambition behind the facade”

The Austrian federal government accuses Schieder of hypocrisy. “When European Minister Edtstadler puts on a big staging for the EU Future Conference today, she is sure to find unctuous words and beautiful photos will be created. The fact is, however, that Austria, together with other EU governments, is already on the brakes before the start of the conference, because they are opposed to a possible change to the EU treaties. So behind the beautifully staged facade it actually means: No ambition, please! “

Briefly ‘”ego actions”

Whenever it comes to more democracy, more climate protection or more social security, Austria “reliably stands on the brakes’ side. Chancellor Kurz is already notorious for his ego actions in Brussels – regardless of whether it is budget or vaccinations – solidarity is only for him a one-way street, ”says Schieder.

Nine out of ten Europeans say that a social Europe is of great importance to them personally, says Schieder.


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