Europe together against Corona: what works and what doesn’t

MINUS: quarantine rules, travel warnings

Always requested by Brussels, but not enforced, uniform quarantine rules and travel warnings have so far been possible.

How long someone has to go into self-isolation, each country decides for itself – depending on its own crisis situation: chaos is the result. There is also no coordination of travel warnings.

Within the EU, Austria has issued partial travel warnings for France, Croatia, Portugal, Spain, the Czech Republic and Belgium. Conversely, Belgium, for example, has now issued a warning against traveling to all of Austria. A confusing patchwork quilt now applies in Europe, where you can travel with what quarantine times.

MINUS: Tests / rapid tests

There is no uniform test strategy among the EU countries. In some states, the PCR tests of other states are not even recognized. The EU Commission now wants to buy 22 million rapid antigen tests and distribute them to the states

CAN BECOME A PLUS: Tracing / Apps

If you download your Corona warning app from your mobile phone in Austria, you cannot use it in the neighboring country. There are 23 different apps of this type in the EU. Brussels is now trying to bring them together. So far, only three countries are involved. Austria could join in November.


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