‘Europe wants to double number of available Pfizer vaccines’

The European Commission is negotiating with Pfizer and BioNTech about 300 million extra vaccines, according to sources from the Bloomberg news agency. That would double the current number.

The contract would include 100 million doses delivered as standard, with an option to get an additional 200 million.

The news comes a week after Commission President Ursula von der Leyen announced that the EU had used an option for 100 million additional doses in the previous contract. In that contract, 200 million doses were delivered as standard and there was an option for an extra 100 million. For the previous order, Europe paid 12 euros per injection, the price for this deal is unknown.

If the new order passes, it would be good to inoculate two-thirds of the European population.

BACKGROUND: Topman BioNTech warns of shortage of corona vaccines


The first Pfizer vaccines have now almost all been distributed and most countries have already started to vaccinate. In our country, the vaccination is getting off to a slightly slower pace than in a number of other countries, but according to Minister of Health Frank Vandenbroucke (sp.a) it should get going from next week. The Netherlands and France have yet to take their first shot.

There were some doubts as to whether our country wanted to follow the strategy of postponing the second dose, as in Canada, so that more people could be vaccinated at once, but in the end that approach was abandoned. Pfizer also announced through the Reuters news agency that there is no evidence that the first dose of its vaccine 21 days after the injection works as well.


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