European Commission wants corona certificate by summer: this is how it works

The European Commission has proposed the Digital Green Certificate. That is a kind of corona certificate that should make travel between EU countries easier again by the summer. The certificate will contain various information such as whether you have been vaccinated, tested negative or are still immune after a recent infection.

What is such a corona certificate and what is it for?

The European Commission proposes to introduce a Digital Green Certificate. This should ensure that European citizens can travel freely within the European Free Trade Association (EFTA). It consists of the countries of the European Union, Norway, Iceland, Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

The certificate will contain three types of information:

  • Evidence that someone has been vaccinated with a corona vaccine approved by the European Medicines Agency.
  • The result of a negative PCR or corona test.
  • Evidence that someone has recently gone through Covid-19 and is therefore still immune to the disease.

Using these three data prevents the Digital Green Certificate – which explicitly cannot be called a vaccination passport – from being discriminatory. Even those who are not yet eligible for a corona vaccine can get it.

When will the corona certificate be introduced?

The European Commission’s proposal must now be approved by the Member States and the European Parliament. That should be the case within three months. If everything goes according to plan, the system will therefore come into effect in June, just before the summer.

How will the corona certificate work?

The Digital Green Certificate will be available both digitally and on paper and will be completely free. It contains a QR code that has the necessary information and details about the vaccine, the test taken or the responsible health authority. However, for privacy reasons, this data is not on the user’s own smartphone. The QR code only acts as a kind of proof, a boarding pass, that the person meets the requested requirements.


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