European Parliament votes for one standard for telephone charger

The European Parliament voted 582 votes in favor of the resolution, 40 against, Reuters reports. The resolution urges the European Commission to make new European regulations on charging standards. The intention is that consumers do not have to buy a new charger with every device. Parliament would like the rules to take effect from July this year.

The number of different types of chargers has already been greatly reduced by voluntary agreements in the tech industry, parliament said. However, one universal charger is still lacking, which requires intervention according to parliament.

Wireless charging

Parliament also wants one standard for wireless chargers, which can be used for as many different devices as possible.

The European Commission previously presented a plan for a universal charger. At the time, Apple was strongly against that plan.

Precise requirements unclear

It remains unclear exactly what the requirements for manufacturers are. Apple is the only major manufacturer to deviate from the USB standard. His iPhones have Lightning connectors and come with a Lightning to USB cable. All other new smartphones, tablets and laptops now have USB-C connections.

It is not clear whether parliament only wants to regulate the connection to the charging block, or also the connection to the device itself. In a study that preceded the vote, several scenarios are discussed. The best, according to that research, is the combination of universal connections to devices and interchangeable chargers that work with different devices.

Forced off Lightning?

In the worst case, Apple could possibly be forced to supply iPhones with a USB-C connection, although the emphasis of the proposal seems to be mainly on the charger. There have been rumors for years that Apple would switch from Lightning to USB-C, as happened with many iPads before.

There are even rumors that upcoming iPhones will no longer have a connection at all, and can only be charged wirelessly.

No charger in the box

Apple stopped supplying a charging plug with all iPhones last year, and only added a charging cable. Samsung recently followed Apple’s example and now also supplies its latest Galaxy S21 phones without a charging pad.


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