European Silk Road | What does the Empire own? | And stinging soldiers

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A little late perhaps, but today the European Commission is launching a kind of European Silk Road. The counterpart of the Chinese mega project with which it has been investing hundreds of billions for years in strategic infrastructure around the world and in doing so buys a lot of influence. Global Gateway, as the plan is called, must turn that tide. But if that chance is very high…

Hope that the Russians are not at Winterswijk just today, because the occupation is meager. 400 soldiers are going on a pricking course at the GGD this week, today it is the turn of the first 100. After a day of practice, they are ready for practice.

Why don’t we actually know what the empire has in possessions? The Court of Audit also wonders that. So the institute itself started to make an inventory. Today the results of the study come out.

This afternoon there is another marathon debate on the corona measures on the agenda. Usually it’s a matter of fighting a full working day for a marginal policy change, but the battle for 2G is really not over yet. Possibly more clarity today, but a debate on that is planned next week.

This piece was the most shared yesterday: A claims adjuster from Bilthoven was mistakenly transferred almost 2 tons from insurer De Goudse. And what do you do then? Correct! lock away. ha haaa!!

We think you should also read this: The American owners of the Onyx power station, a coal-fired power station near Rotterdam that has broken down more often than it has been running in recent years, will receive a quarter of a billion euros in subsidy to close the thing. Heartily!

And you may have missed this last night: The cities are teeming with delivery drivers on their scooters and trendy bicycles. Municipalities are concerned about safety and nuisance.

This could come along at the coffee machine:

Good day!

ps The steamboat of Sinterklaas will also have to sail cleaner, because even shipping has to become greener, writes Hyung-Ja de Zeeuw.

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