European top clubs are also bleeding from corona: PSG hit hardest financially | Football

Paris Saint-Germain recorded 15 percent less income in the 2019-2020 football season than in the 2018-2019 season. Juventus got 13 percent less in cash, Liverpool and Real Madrid 8 percent and Champions League winner Bayern Munich – the best student in the class thanks to that victory at the champions ball – did 3 percent less well.

The situation was dramatic for FC Porto, which generated no less than 50 percent less income. For the Portuguese club, the poor performance in the Champions League was mainly the cause, but for the others the corona crisis was the basis. Playing behind closed doors cost Real Madrid a whopping 34.9 million euros in revenue last season.

Early termination of Ligue 1

Of the six national champions “rake” the Spanish champion in the most money: 681.25 million euros. a lot more than Bayern (607.2 million euros), Liverpool (557 million euros), PSG (540.6 million euros), Juventus (401.4 million euros) and of course Porto (87.3 million euros).

PSG took in no less than 95.4 million euros less last season than a season earlier, despite the Parisians playing the final of the Champions League. This is mainly due to the fact that the French Ligue 1 is the only top competition to be stopped prematurely.

PSG made a loss of 125.4 million euros last season. Porto (loss of 116.2 million euros) and Juventus (loss of 89.7 million euros) also show blood red figures. Only Real Madrid (EUR 0.3 million profit) and Bayern Munich (EUR 5.9 million profit) kept the balance sheet positive.

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