Even more criticism of documentary Michael Jordan: “Scottie Pippen is furious” | Sport

The Bulls’ iconic number 33, according to rumors in the US, may not laugh at the way it is put away in the documentary viewed outside of America by 23.8 million families according to Netflix. According to David Kaplan, journalist at ESPN in Chicago, Pippen is “extremely angry” and “the rage is over.”

According to Kaplan, Pippen’s anger stems from the negative image he is being portrayed, including by Jordan himself. At one point, he called his teammate “selfish” and “ignorant.” “According to Pippen, it was only until the last minutes of Game 6 against the Utah Jazz (the final in 1998, ed.) bashing on Scottie, ”said Kaplan.

Horace Grant

Indeed, in the documentary some less beautiful moments of Pippen are highlighted. Like not wanting to play in the final seconds of a 1994 playoff game against New York. And requesting a transfer after his pay demands weren’t accepted in 1997-1998.

This news comes just a day after Horace Grant, who also criticized Jordan between 1987 and 1993, also criticized. Grant, who is identified in the documentary by Jordan as the source of the book “The Jordan Rules” – where he is portrayed as a bully – had reservations about “The Last Dance”. “I liked the entertainment, but we as teammates know that ninety percent of it was bullshit. It was not right, ”he told radio station ESPN 1000 in Chicago.


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