Even multimillionaires find it difficult to get hold of these credit cards

Credit cardtankist276 / ShutterstockThose who pay with a gold or platinum credit card expect appreciative looks. However, the super-rich of this world only have a weary smile left for gold and platinum.

Because if you really did it, you pay with a black card. This is only available by invitation – and comes with a very special service.

Anyone who receives an invitation for these cards has made it

At American Express it is called Centurion, at Visa Infinite and at Citibank Ultima: Almost all credit card institutions have a black card in their portfolio. As the name suggests, it is black, of higher quality than gold and platinum and in extreme cases even entitles you to transfer eight-digit amounts.

These cards are highly exclusive. Because the black piece of plastic is only given to customers who meet certain requirements.

By far the finest credit card in the world is the Centurion from American Express. To be a black card contender to be accepted, you have to rake in at least half a million euros a year and generate six-figure annual sales with a gold or platinum credit card. Proper payment behavior is of course a matter of honor.

But even that is no guarantee for the black credit card. Because there is no magic formula for becoming a Centurion member. If you choose American Express, you will receive an invitation. And if not? Then you were just unlucky. If the institute offers you the Edelkarte, you should access it despite the high annual fee (which is in the four-digit range). Because as soon as you have the black card, an incredible service is available to you.

Selected events and all-round service

Black card owners have the opportunity to bother a concierge with their wishes 24 hours a day via the Centurion customer hotline. Among other things, American Express organizes trips, interpreters and parking assistants. You also benefit from exclusive offers, such as free nights in luxury hotels, upgrades for flights, insurance benefits and shopping discounts. There is also no boredom. As a Black Card holder, you can look forward to invitations to special events, such as cooking classes with star chefs.

Unlimited credit limit

While you can usually only charge a certain maximum amount to credit cards for normal mortals, with the Black Card everything is open to the top. So if you spontaneously decide to buy a house, all you have to do is pull out your card. The most expensive known transaction with a black credit card was made by the Chinese businessman Liu Yigian. With his Black Card he spent a whopping 36 million dollars (33 million euros) in one fell swoop – for a teacup from the Ming dynasty.

UBS Excellence and Citi Ultima

Black credit card
Black credit card

Other credit card companies also woo the super-rich of this world with special offers.

Those who raise at least five million euros qualify for UBS Excellence, for example. With it you can throw around 60,000 euros a month out the window. There is also a concierge service that can reserve tables for you in exclusive restaurants, make travel bookings and find rare wines.

You will also get a similar service if you manage to get an ultima from Citibank. For this you have to have at least 75,000 euros on the high edge.

Credit card made of pure gold

The American Express Centurion Card is also optically the absolute highlight among the credit cards for the super-rich. Because the black card is not made of plastic, but of metal. The VISA Infinite from Sberbank is even more luxurious. The card is made of pure gold and is adorned with 26 diamonds with a total weight of 0.17 carats. Unfortunately, the premium card is limited and reserved for the bank’s 100 best customers.

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