Even wider: BMW X7 from Lumma Design

Lumma makes the BMW X7 even wider

With a width of two meters, the BMW X7 is a real thick ship from the factory. Lumma Design tuner widens the luxury SUV by a whopping ten centimeters!

Dhe BMW X7 is anything but subtle! A 5.15-meter SUV is always a handsome appearance. If the luxury SUV is still too inconspicuous, the thick ship can help Lumma design to show off CLR X7 have it refined!

More width for the thick ship

Lumma makes the X7 even wider

The fender flares pack five centimeters on each side.

The tuner mainly uses massive body kit and missed one for the Bavarian SUV Fender flares at about five centimeters with integrated air outlets on each side. There are also one new front apron with cupsoiler sword, a Spoiler lip at the rear as well as a Roof spoiler and a striking Rear apron with diffuser insert. Of course, there are also new bikes to match 23 incher or even more powerful slippers with 24 inches. The prices for the body kit and the new wheelset start at 19,930 euros.


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