Everyday test of the BMW CE 04: why it’s not a good choice for me

Skepticism spreads when I face the BMW CE 04 for the first time. The design is extraordinary – whether in a positive or negative sense, is probably in the eye of the beholder – and eye-catching. We’ll see if it’s practical when the e-scooter will accompany me in my everyday life for a week. With 42 hp and an acceleration of 2.6 seconds from 0 to 50 km/h according to the manufacturer, the bike at least delivers decent driving values.

That’s what I like about the BMW CE 04

The first time you really step on the gas at the traffic light is a real surprise. Although I was warned, I didn’t really expect such a power with so much weight (after all, a whopping 231 kilograms!). Cheers to the electric drive, because the driving force is there to the point and literally pushes me backwards. It’s fun and frightening at the same time, because bang, the speed limit in the city has already been reached.

The single wheel with single-sided swing arm stretches the scooter to 2.28 m.

Thanks to the long wheelbase and the low center of gravity, cornering is also a real fun factor. With the different modes, I can either drive to work relaxed in the morning – and save battery juice at the same time – or in dynamic mode I can really crank it up and cruise through the morning traffic with more momentum.

The different driving modes

Since our test vehicle has the dynamic package, we have four driving modes available instead of the usual three: Eco, Rain, Road and Dynamic. The latter in particular is a real force in the suit, but also has the small disadvantage that the recuperation is significantly stronger. It takes some getting used to and is sometimes a bit annoying, especially at the beginning, because the vehicle literally stalls, even if I only want to slow down a little. The other modes are much more relaxed (especially the Eco mode), although not quite as lively.

Riding modes can also be switched while riding with a button on the right grip.

I don’t like that about the big electric scooter

The dimensions of the scooter are not for small people – or those with short legs. The seat is extremely wide, which means that I (1.67 meters) cannot land with both feet on the ground at the same time. The high weight also contributes to the fact that stopping feels a bit wobbly.

Due to the single wheel at the back, it is difficult to estimate the distance to the rear, especially in reverse gear. Another point of criticism on my part: the loading! The scooter is covered all over with plastic parts. If you want to transport it in a van or on a trailer, the problem arises: what to do with the straps? You can’t get to the frame anywhere, and the handlebars are covered everywhere. The only option is to attach it to the handles. It works, but it’s not nice when you consider how much pressure there is on the throttle grip when you tie it down.

Spaced-out design: This really makes you stand out on the road.

Other small points of criticism, such as driving with a passenger, have already been pointed out by other colleagues – and I can only agree with him. (To the everyday test by Lars Hänsch-Petersen)

For whom is the BMW CE 04 suitable?

After a week with the BMW CE 04 it is clear to me that this vehicle will not find a place in my everyday life. And I even ask myself who it is supposed to be suitable for at all. For people in the country? The range (130 kilometers according to the WMTC standard) is too short for that. Even if many of them certainly have the option of charging in front of their own front door – with a wall box or Schuko plug.

For people in the city? The range is okay, but charging could become a problem. If you don’t feel like queuing at public charging stations or don’t have your own wall box, look into the tube. Here, scooters with removable batteries have a clear advantage.

Another exclusion criterion for many is certainly the price. The BMW CE 04 starts at 12,000 euros. According to the configuration on the manufacturer’s website, the model provided to us is even more than 13,500 euros. City commuters who absolutely want to drive a fully electric scooter will find what they are looking for from other manufacturers for half the money.

In my opinion, the BMW CE 04 does not manage the balancing act between a cheap city commuter and a fun leisure motorcycle.

To the driver profile of Lisa Busse

Lisa Busse usually has a commute of seven kilometers across Hamburg. At least twice a week, however, a distance of 110 km to the hometown has to be covered. Instead of using the car in Hamburg’s dense traffic, she usually prefers to take the subway. At the weekend, however, it’s time to get on the bike – to be more precise: off-road with a KTM SXF 250.

AUTO BILD test history BMW CE 04:

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