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Everyone asks if I don’t like K3 anymore

Klaasje Meijer explained in an interview more about the reason for her farewell at K3. It’s not that she doesn’t like K3 anymore, but it is hard work. And she is very curious about a life outside of the girl group.

Last week, Klaasje Meijer (25) announced that she will be leaving K3 next fall. In an interview with Showbizztv she was asked if she no longer likes it.

I really enjoy everything I do at K3

“It is very strange, because everyone asks me that, but it is not that things are not fun at K3. It is very versatile and you learn a lot. It’s just a full-time job and you have to take that into account. Everything I do at K3, I really enjoy doing. I am only very curious whether I can do it outside of this and I really want to spread my wings, ”she says.

Last weekend Klaasje literally looked outside. On the ice, that is.

K3 continues, Klaasje goes her own way

Nothing is going on between Klaasje and the other K3’s. Why do people always assume that? I am very grateful that I started this adventure with Hanne and Marthe and that the three of us have already been able to bring it to this point. We are very grateful for the success we have experienced so far. That is very overwhelming and very special. I also think that we are a very strong team. Of course I informed Hanne and Marthe about this early on. I feel very much supported and taken care of by them so that I don’t have to do this on my own and that they can just continue. That is also the positive message, that K3 will continue and that I can go my own way. I can only be grateful for that ”, it sounds.

New television quest

Because of Klaasje’s departure, Studio 100 is looking for a new member for the popular group. That can also be a man. The quest K2 is looking for K3 happens on television. That happened earlier when Josje Huisman came to strengthen the ranks. More than five years ago, the entire current K3 was created through a talent show on the tube. When Studio 100 opened the registration for a spot in K3, it generated thousands of responses within a day.

Would you like to join K3? Gert Verhulst warns you

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Klaasje: Everyone asks if I no longer like K3


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