Everyone to the supermarket for Christmas dinner: we buy this en masse

We asked our readers which products they could no longer get. Usually this is lettuce, arugula, haricots verts, whipped cream, carpaccio or certain types of ice cream.

Along three supermarkets

Dominique went through three supermarkets for ladyfingers. Did not succeed. Bram went to different shops or for chicken burgers. Finally found. Karlijn can write the scroppino on her stomach: the lemon ice cream was gone in three stores. And Ruud says that he ran out of gourmet meat at his Jumbo this morning.

But many people also notice that they have not misunderstood anything at all. “No problems. Everything I needed was for sale at Dirk and Aldi,” says Clementia. “All shelves neatly full.”

According to brand and retail expert Paul Moers, supermarkets, transport companies and suppliers are running ‘at war strength’ to keep the shelves stocked. “It is very clever when you see what an insane turnover they make. Normally it is 45 billion euros in one year, but before Christmas they go well over the billion in one week.”

According to Moers, the supermarkets have it well under control. “They work under high voltage, but I think they have prepared well. Everything is replenished very quickly.”

According to an Albert Heijn spokesperson, thousands of employees are working in the six distribution centers to ensure that all stores are well stocked. “In the last three days before Christmas, more than 17.5 million boxes and crates went to all AH stores. Availability is good, we will of course replenish where necessary as soon as possible.”

Keep shelves filled

Extra supplies have also been provided at Jumbo. “And we have as many colleagues as possible at work in our stores. Together we do everything we can to keep the shelves well stocked and to ensure a good flow,” says a spokesperson.

A spokesperson for supermarket chains Dirk and Dekamarkt says: “Based on previous years and with our knowledge and expertise, we have a well-designed logistics process.” Everything is continuously attuned to each other, and in this way the supermarkets try to avoid empty shelves.

And what will we choose for this year? According to Paul Moers, this mainly concerns products of extra high quality. “The tenderloins are flying out of the shops. People need to compensate for the misery of the lockdown. You can’t eat out in a restaurant, and you celebrate Christmas with a smaller group. So people make it extra cozy at home, in a small context, And they have more money for that.”

Moers points out that the prices of some products are currently very high. “That has to do with rising energy prices, and also because of more expensive raw materials.”

Jumbo is noticing a greater demand for both daily groceries and special products for the holidays. The products from the Christmas range are the fastest:

  • whipped cream
  • bake-off rolls
  • Gourmet
  • tenderloin
  • Carpaccio
  • ice cream cakes
  • luxury desserts
  • luxury meats
  • gratins

Among the most sold Christmas products at Albert Heijn:

  • shrimps
  • roulades
  • party clogs
  • haricots verts
  • Carpaccio
  • butter
  • whipped cream
  • various ice cream desserts

Finally: at Dekamarkt and Dirk there is a lot of demand for:

  • gourmet products (meat, fish, vegetarian, sauce)
  • oven dishes
  • bake-off rolls
  • carpaccio and other more luxurious meats
  • fish salads
  • products with a ‘Christmas twist’ (Christmas bell in butter, cheese in reindeer figure)

Open during Christmas

If you have forgotten something for Christmas dinner, you can also visit many supermarkets at the weekend. According to figures from the site, slightly more supermarkets will remain open on Christmas Day than in 2020, namely 44 percent. On Boxing Day, a Sunday this year, at 80 percent fewer shops are open than last year.

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