Everyone wants the Ibiza video, but there is none

SOKO manager Andreas Holzer also does not want to be responsible and confirms to the KURIER that the video can be viewed at any time Public prosecutor is made available – if requested. The Federal Criminal Police Office cannot even decide on a possible surrender to the U-Committee, because they are in charge of the procedure Public prosecutor Vienna and the Economic and Corruption Prosecutor. The former determined against the creators of the video, the latter determined against Strache & Co because of the content-related video statements, among other things, on party donations.

Neither Public prosecutor the public prosecutor apparently still knew about the scope of the presentation by the Federal Criminal Police Office.

Sobotka request to the Ministry of the Interior

There are said to be talks about a press conference in advance, but the judiciary did not want to announce in the middle of the investigation that the video was available. One is annoyed about the solo action by the Federal Criminal Police Office and also that it is now said in the executive area that the judiciary must publish the video.

What is certain is that the President of Parliament Wolfgang Sobotka already in Ministry of the Interior asked, but was informed there that the judiciary was responsible.


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