EVGA gives up the production of graphics cards

The board partner EVGA separates from Nvidia and also does not want to produce graphics cards for Intel and AMD.

In recent years, EVGA has made a name for itself as a manufacturer and seller of graphics cards. Anyone who wanted to buy a new gaming computer always had the GPUs from EVGA on their screens. EVGA limited itself to graphics cards with chips from Nvidia, this cooperation is now being terminated. At a press conference, the manufacturer announced that it would no longer develop or produce graphics cards. There will therefore be no EVGA models from the upcoming Geforce RTX 40 series.

Bad relationship with Nvidia

EVGA also does not want to manufacture graphics cards from competitors AMD and Intel. The production of graphics cards was completely stopped. The main reason for the manufacturer’s abandonment is a slowly deteriorating relationship with Nvidia. It was about respect. From a financial point of view, there is little to be said for ending the cooperation, but they want to go their separate ways as a matter of principle.

Not interested in AMD and Intel

Although there are already first test samples of the RTX 4090 from EVGA, these should never go into production. They are also not interested in a new collaboration with Intel or AMD. The associated downsizing of the company is accepted. Buyers of a graphics card from EVGA should continue to be able to benefit from a warranty on their cards.

75 percent of sales from GPUs

So far, 75 percent of EVGA’s sales have been generated through the sale of Nvidia graphics cards. The exit is likely to have major consequences for the size of the company. The RTX 30 graphics cards that are still in stock are still to be sold. Nvidia said they had built a great partnership. One wishes to the company

All the best wishes for the future

Large shipment of EVGA RTX graphics cards stolen

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