Ewout Genemans sheds light on show Bureau040

“It was a fun, but also interesting time,” said Ewout. “At the start of the recordings during carnival everything was still normal, but afterwards all kinds of measures had to be taken because of corona. That was a special experience.”

During this series, the presenter again witnessed many different situations. From shooting incidents to drug investigations, everything comes by. Due to the lockdown, more cases of domestic violence also came in. “The tension grew in the domestic circle, it got worse much faster because people were more close to each other”, Ewout recalls. “That is quite confronting, because these situations continue as normal without interference from the police.”

Amsterdam (where Burgwallen office was included) and Eindhoven clearly differ from each other in terms of environment and inhabitants. But during the shooting of Office 040 It also became clear to Ewout that the work of the local police differs per city. “I’ve learned that each area requires a different approach,” he says.

According to Ewout, the police in Amsterdam may have more to do with day trippers and tourists than Eindhoven, but on the other hand, the work in the Brabant city is more focused on repeated incidents in the same neighborhoods where the police have to remain strict but friendly time and again. . “You want people to stay there thinking they are calling the police in the event of an incident, instead of being afraid that the neighborhood will be turned upside down by their actions.”

Because he was allowed to walk with the police, Ewout also sees the work of the officers in a very different way. “Often you only see a small part of the story, but now you see the whole story. It is much bigger than just that part you see on Dumpert.”

Isn’t a job with the police something for Ewout? “Making programs is the best job there is, but I think I would choose police work otherwise. But that is not necessary, because I will continue to do this work.”


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