Ex-bank branch manager: “A bank is a grill station.”

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Nikolaus Braun studied history and wrote his dissertation on the Irish Civil War. But then he ended up with a major bank, because of financial difficulties, as he reported in an interview with the “Süddeutsche Zeitung”. Today, Braun advises wealthy people on investment for a fee. He completed a trainee program and even became a branch manager.

However, he quickly noticed that the banking business is associated with enormous pressure to sell, Brauner told the “SZ”. The only issue in the sales rounds was who sold how much – and not what the customer really needs.

“A bank is a grill station”

“A bank is a grill station,” said Braun. “Once a colleague from a neighboring branch said: We turn the customer’s depot back and forth until the last meat falls off. We sizzle them for so long. ”

The sales pressure had been increased by the superiors. Above all, there was critical feedback that was not exactly formulated in a friendly manner. “A consultant had to go out and throw up after 30 minutes of one-on-one talk,” recalls Braun.

For Braun, for example, the principle “money sharpens character” applies. “Disgusting people who get money are definitely more disgusting,” he told the “SZ”. However, conversely, the positive properties could also be enhanced. “You can – with money – cultivate your positive qualities and, for example, donate or get involved in charitable or cultural projects.”

Braun’s customers should spend their money sensibly

Today, Braun advises wealthy people on investment for a fee. Above all, he is careful to advise his customers to spend their money wisely. A contrast to his time at the bank, he says.

“There were customers at the bank who had 2,000 euros net and were able to save 300 euros a month, and others who had 8,000 euros net and were constantly in overdraft,” said Braun of the “SZ”. Today he advises his thrifty customers to “separate the long-term capital accumulation from the emergency budget and the budget for pleasurable expenses.”

Above all, he wants to ensure that his customers can spend money and still have the feeling of control. On the other hand, he advises his wasteful customers to set an amount they can spend, but also save more. “Wealth is the ability to do something, not the ability to have something. I also always give the tip: Give away some of your money. You feel more comfortable with it and also do something for yourself. “



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