Ex-Director of Final Fantasy XV is now working on a virtual travel adventure

Hajime Tabata (most recently director of Final Fantasy XV), as is well known, founded the new studio with the catchy name JP Games Inc. after leaving Square Enix. Exactly over a year ago, he told Famitsu that a new project was already in progress. “We have started preparations for a new project. Our team will grow next year, ”said Tabata in December 2019. His key word for the new year 2020 was“ AAA ”. If that doesn’t sound promising.

But this year we won’t see any of Tabata’s new AAA game. Tabata told 4Gamer in December that the coronavirus pandemic had significantly changed the plans of his new studio. “Dear readers, please wait until 2022.” While we are not yet familiar with the major project, we are now learning at least something about another project at JP Games Inc.

The project aims to enable virtual travel

Together with All Nippon Airways and mother company ANA Holdings, Tabata is working on a “Virtual Travel Project”, as the studio confirmed to Famitsu. The program is designed to allow visitors to travel virtually to different cities. According to Famitsu, the airline has high hopes for the project. Like most airlines, ANA Holdings hasn’t had much to do over the past year due to the coronavirus pandemic. Obviously one would like to build up a small additional mainstay.

Hajime Tabata is the general producer for the project. According to Famitsu, Tabata wants to use the experience he has gained in developing RPGs. The producer spreads on Facebook that they want to officially present the project soon.

The studio’s first game, by the way, was The Pegasus Dream Tour, a sports RPG for the Paralympics. They were supposed to take place last year as part of the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, but you know the rest of that. According to the official Twitter account The game will be released for the Paralympics in 2021.

via Gematsu, images: JP Games, Inc. Logo, Hajime Tabata


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