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Ex-Disney toppers launch streaming service for niche films Struum

Is there still room for a new video platform alongside giants such as Netflix, Amazon Prime or Disney +? Yes, some former Disney directors think. They want to bundle thousands of niche films and series from more than thirty specialized services in the umbrella platform Struum.

Giving viewers access to niche programs – not only films and series but also reality TV and lifestyle – through a single subscription, which are still widely distributed across a range of lesser-known streaming services. That is the ambition of Struum, a new streaming service that will soon be rolled out in the US and later internationally.

Niche titles and specific target groups

Struum is well aware that the major players Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Apple TV, YouTube, HBO Max and Disney + are taking over about three-quarters of the streaming market. But according to the start-up of four former directors at Disney + and Discovery, there is also a huge reservoir of niche titles for specific audiences, such as the LGBTQ community or the Latinos in the US, which is still being offered in a fragmented way.

“It can be overwhelming and expensive for the average viewer to dive into all the options outside of the big players. We want to facilitate that search, ”says CEO and cost founder Lauren DeVillier. Struum has closed deals with more than 30 niche platforms, which together account for more than 20,000 titles.

The investment group of Michael Eisner, the former CEO of Disney, is pouring several million dollars into the project.

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