‘Ex-ING’er Hamers must get a woman above him’ | Financial

“My own departure offers a good opportunity for the bank to get a chairwoman Bloomberg news agency noted on Thursday when Weber spoke at the DIW Women’s Finance meeting in Berlin. “I would love to see that happen.”

Weber will step down next year as the top boss of UBS, when he turns 64. He was then chairman of the supervisory board for ten years at the Swiss banking giant, since last year the employer of former ING CEO Ralph Hamers. The Dutchman switched from ING to UBS last year at the intercession of Weber. He has been CEO there since 1 November.

Only four seats are currently occupied by women on the twelve-member supervisory board of UBS. And that while Weber firmly promised when he was appointed as chairman of the supervisory board in 2012, half of the council would consist of women.


The glass ceiling for women at the top of the banking sector is now an increasingly important theme. With Jane Fraser, Citigroup had the scoop last year with the very first female CEO of a major American bank. In the European top, Ana Botín was joined by the Spanish Banco Santander two years ago by Alison Rose, who was appointed CEO at NatWest. She was the first woman to lead one of the four major British banks.

In the Netherlands, ABN Amro had the scoop in 2016 with Olga Zoutendijk as the first female supervisory director of both a major bank and an AEX fund. Zoutendijk, however, had to leave the field after two years after internal struggles.


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