Ex-jet set lady Ronny steals the show in 100 Years Young

In her old age, Ronny makes sure she looks to put through a ring. The make-up is flawless in every scene and her hair is always neatly cut. But just as fantastic are her hilarious stories about how she thought people in Saint-Tropez looked at her, while Brigitte Bardot walked behind her. About champagne: “This must be a drink that is served in heaven.” Because a salient detail: Ronny always has a bottle of champagne cold. You live a mundane life, or you don’t.

Together with her late husband, globetrotter Ronny ran a successful children’s clothing brand in her time with which she could pay for her luxurious life. With an apartment in Switzerland, shopping sessions in Paris and drinks with the queen, she lived a fantastic and beneficial life.

She humorously undergoes her outing with Gordon, who in turn has invited her to paint. “Anneke, my will is in the cabinet”, she jokes while being driven into the taxi. “Is this going straight to the cemetery?” She continues unabated. The viewers at home just like Gordon with this chic madame.

Between takes of 100 Years Young Gordon himself received a big blow. He was raided, his catering businesses had to close because of the corona virus, for which he was tested positive for himself. Fortunately, he is now much better again. He tells about this himself in the video below.


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