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Ex Phil Collins makes millions by auctioning his personal items

Some couples break up without a fight, with others the number of Acda en de Munnik is more applicable and in celeb land (in the United States) a divorce rarely seems to go without a fight. Or without an auction in which she auctions Phil Collins’ belongings, making them even richer.

The $ 2 million she raised last month selling her ex-husband Phil Collins’ personal items was not enough for Orianne Cevey. According to, among others, the New York Post today she is once again putting a number of items up for sale in an online auction.


The auction is being organized by Kodner Galleries, which tells the newspaper that Orianne will be able to raise more than a million with the properties that will go under the hammer this time. Fans can get hold of two awards from Phil and a chic ring from Tiffany’s. It would not be about Orianne’s wedding ring, who also sells all kinds of design products such as clothing, shoes, handbags and jewelry.

A spokesperson for Kodner Galleries said the auction house went through 3,000 handbags and 6,000 pairs of Orianne shoes to find the best items. But let’s be honest: it is not her stuff that will yield the multiple zeros.


“Can a lawyer explain to me how it is possible that Phil Collins’s ex can legally sell his gold records?” Someone shouted on Twitter just before the last auction. Another had a bright idea. Bid the minimum on all his belongings and then return it to him. But to no avail, his ex raised $ 2,165,592 million with it, to be precise.

The Botox and the Musician

The same ex who is anything but loved, appears after a round of social media. “What is that?” Someone responds to her photo. “What’s wrong with her face?” Referring to the obvious Botox excesses.

Divorce Phil Collins

Phil and Orianne married in 1999 and had two sons, but divorced in 2008. In 2015 they got back together. Last year they had a big fight with each other, because Phil found out that Orianne was secretly married to another man. Phil then tried to evict her from their home in Miami, but the sticker refused to leave the house for a while. Eventually she came to an agreement with her ex, which probably also involved several zeros – or perhaps his gold records and awards – and after which she (eventually) left the house.

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Ex Phil Collins makes millions by auctioning his personal items


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