Ex-VfGH President: “That would not have been better said in short”

Have you read the Koran?

I’ve tried, but it’s pretty long. Maybe I’ll try again now.

The constitution celebrates its 100th anniversary this year. Did our democracy go backwards in that time?

Not on the visible level, but when I look at the mood in the population … It starts with the general condemnation of the government. To say: “These are all idiots, and the corona measures are crap, because you can only expect crap from a sucker.” I’m afraid there are more people who think that way than there should be.

Do we need a serious change to the constitution?

Yes, there are a few points, but above all the relationship between the federal and state levels.

And the Federal Council?

Frippery! Either you get rid of it or something new. There have already been x attempts, but whenever a suggestion was made, it was rejected by the other side.

You write in your book: “Courage for Utopia”. What does your utopia look like?

A utopia is a model based on idealistic motives that is in clear contradiction to what is. I have designed the utopia of a world federal state, which is sure to spark Homeric laughter.

How so? Because you write that a world foreign minister would then be responsible for space?

That was just a thought (laughs). But the idea is not that stupid. It would already be possible to form units worldwide under territorial aspects that are parts of a larger whole, like the districts, states and the federal government in Austria now. There would then be a world government and governments for regions.

What would be the advantage of that?

One would define common values ​​and rights or tasks that are solved differently depending on the region – for example climate protection. But that will never happen.


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