Excel: Scroll two tables at the same time

Often you want to compare the values ​​in two tables directly in Excel. We’ll show you how.

Normally, the two associated worksheets are posted next to each other in separate windows. So open the two files, switch to the “View” ribbon in one of the two windows and click on “Arrange all” in the “Window” section. A small window will now appear in which you can specify how Excel should place the two tables next to one another on the screen. For a direct comparison, “Vertical” is best suited in most cases. Confirm your selection with OK”. Excel now displays the two windows side by side, and you can compare the values ​​in the two tables.

Excel offers parallel scrolling in two worksheets. This is done in the


Excel offers parallel scrolling in two worksheets. This is done in the “View” ribbon via “Window” and “Arrange all”.

With longer tables the problem arises that you always have to click in the respective window to scroll and activate it. You can save yourself this by switching on the parallel scrolling of Excel. To do this, click in the “Window” section of the “View” ribbon on “Display side by side” and then directly below on the “Synchronous scrolling” button. If you now turn the mouse wheel, you drag both worksheets up and down in parallel. This also works if you select the “Horizontal” option under “Arrange all” and arrange the two windows one below the other.


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