Excitement in Argentina: Political and media elite should be vaccinated first

The health minister was forced to resign by the president.

It is an embarrassment for Argentina’s President Alberto Fernandez: His Health Minister Ginés González García has hoarded around 3,000 corona vaccination doses in order to give preference to people close to the government such as trade union leader Hugo Moyano or journalists close to the government such as Horacio Verbitsky. However, the media man did not take part in the game and reported on his invitation to the VIP vaccination. The scandal is now drawing wider and wider circles.

President Fernandez is aware of the external effects of this scandal. Because vaccinations are only making slow progress in the country – and the elite close to the government thinks only for themselves. In view of this credibility problem, the president sacrificed his minister: “At your express request, I will submit my resignation,” wrote Ginés González García in an open letter to the head of state. That doesn’t sound like remorse.

With more than 51,000 Covid deaths, Argentina is one of the hardest-hit Latin American countries alongside Mexico and Brazil. Despite months of lockdown that crashed the economy. The result: the poverty rate rose to 44 percent.

The scandal comes at a politically inopportune time, because the left-wing government has to put up with the accusation from the opposition of wanting to massively influence the judiciary in order to undermine corruption investigations against the long-time president and incumbent vice-president Cristina Kirchner.

Vaccination scandal in Peru

The folk soul cooks in Peru too. In the scandal known as the “Vaccine Gate”, ex-President Martin Vizcarra, among others, had admitted that he and his family had been immunized weeks ago with the first vaccine doses from the Chinese manufacturer Sinopharm. His then government then awarded the contract to the manufacturer.

In the course of further investigations it came to light that other politicians, diplomats and high-ranking officials had also been immunized well before the official start of the vaccination. Particularly spicy: Among those secretly vaccinated was the nuncio in Peru, Archbishop Nicola Girasoli, who was sent by the Pope. He then admitted in a letter that he had been invited by a university for an early vaccination because he had been an adviser on ethical matters.

Peru’s bishops’ conference is raging: the vaccination scandal reveals the face of a monster called corruption.


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