Exclusive: Government wants to cap hardware prices!

The federal government is planning measures against the much too high hardware prices! Find out more in our exclusive report.

It can now be felt almost everywhere in everyday life: prices are rising and rising. The inflation rate is said to be over 7 percent in March, fuel prices are going through the roof, as are heating costs. Almost everything is getting more expensive! PC users and gamers have been annoyed for months about the horrendous hardware prices caused by the corona crisis.

But now salvation is near:

As we


learned from an informant in the federal government led by Olaf Scholz (SPD), that hardware prices are to be capped by law! In our video you will learn all about:

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That would really be awesome: As can be heard from government circles, the traffic light coalition actually wants to introduce a price cap for hardware. This would put an end to the crazy price spiral. Finance Minister Lindner wants to allow a maximum surcharge of 15% on the RRP and thus further relieve citizens and companies.

All information about the planned hardware price cap:

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