Exclusive: Specialists see job mostly not threatened by Corona


A survey by the portal, which is available exclusively to, shows that half of the specialists are not currently worried about their jobs.

However, some might imagine changing it if it matters.

The search behavior of most specialists has not changed in the meantime: they are neither more motivated nor less confident in the search process.

Until April 26 this year, applications for short-time work for 10.1 million people had been submitted to the Federal Employment Agencies. It is a means of protecting workers and employers from dismissal. After all, trained specialists in many industries are rare in Germany and it takes time and money to train new personnel later.

But short-time work is also a preliminary step towards unemployment. But not for most of the current employees, as a representative survey by the job search portal shows. A total of 2,570 people were interviewed, 17.7 percent of whom are employed and still looking for job opportunities. They are referred to in the survey as latent job seekers. Of these, 63.7 percent of those surveyed stated that they would also like to work in another job if it suits them – but the majority are not afraid of losing the job due to the Corona crisis.

Around 24 percent cannot assess whether the job is in danger; about the same number believe they will lose him in the corona crisis. However, it has been shown that 20 to 34 year olds are less afraid of losing their jobs than those in the same industries aged 44 to 64 years. Skilled craftsmen and construction workers, as well as manufacturing and manufacturing professionals, fear their jobs a little more often than those in the areas of health and social affairs or trade. Read Too

Glassdoor study: Which sectors still offer jobs despite Corona – and where the search is currently difficult

“It turns out that the uncertainties on the job market only have a limited influence on behavior when looking for a job and the willingness of specialists to change jobs,” says Wolfgang Weber, Managing Director of “This is a good signal for companies that should definitely continue to recruit in order to remain well positioned and competitive at the latest after the crisis.”

But the truth is that more than 400 people said they lost their jobs because of the corona consequences. About 45 percent of the participants state that the number of interesting positions for them has declined.

Job seekers want more flexibility

Nevertheless, about half of those who are actively looking for a job have barely changed their search behavior. Only 23 percent are now a little more motivated because they hope that the Corona crisis will make it easier for them to get started.

They also want more flexibility in hiring; such as interviews via video conferencing, screwing down requirements or more opportunities for career changers.

The majority of those surveyed included employees in retail or retail, media and publishing, law and taxes, health and social affairs, logistics, warehousing, transport and transportation, handicraft and construction, as well as production and manufacturing.

These sectors are most affected by the Corona crisis


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