Exclusive: Tesla is expecting huge machine deliveries from former Fiat subsidiary for Giga Berlin

Almost the entire roof area of ​​Tesla’s new Gigafactory in Grünheide near Berlin is already closed, as a current drone video shows. The top is mainly the paint shop, where the systems are already being installed, and right next to it the area for the eight Giga presses, for which components are also waiting inside. And in a few weeks, Tesla will receive what is probably the largest machine delivery to date for its Giga Berlin: According to information from, tons of production technology from China should arrive there between the beginning of March and mid-April – which also comes from a company with an interesting background.

Italian technology from China for Tesla

Initially 110 standard containers with technology for Tesla from China are to arrive in Hamburg at the beginning of March and then be transported by truck to Grünheide, another 20 containers will follow in mid-March and another 50 of them at the beginning of April. In addition, another 10 special containers are planned, which will then be brought to the Giga Berlin with heavy loads, learned from industry circles.

Some of the containers are shipped from Shanghai and some by train. According to the information, the systems in it were produced not far away in a technology park in the city of Kunshan, where several companies from the west have subsidiaries. The technology for Tesla comes from Comau, an automation specialist from Italy with 32 locations worldwide, 2 of them in Germany.

The company was founded by engineers in Turin in the 1970s and is now part of Stellantis, the result of the recent merger of the car groups FCA (mainly Fiat and Chrysler) with PSA (with the main brands Peugeot and Citroen). Against this background, it may even be possible to invest in Comau soon: A spin-off from Stellantis is planned for this year, the proceeds of which will benefit the shareholders of the new group.

It was initially not possible to find out which specific systems were to be brought from the production facility in China to Tesla in Grünheide. According to the Comau self-description on the web, the company offers complete systems for car body production and drives. One focus is on digital innovation, which in mechanical engineering is also referred to as Industry 4.0.

Gigafactory approval in time?

Otherwise, Comau is likely to be entirely to the taste of Tesla CEO Elon Musk: “We don’t sell solutions from the catalog, but plan and develop them together with our customers,” the company writes on the web. Similarly, Musk had declared in October 2020 that Tesla could hardly be copied because it did not do “catalog engineering”, but developed most of its production technology itself.

When the first Comau containers arrive at Tesla in Grünheide at the beginning of March, however, like the Giga presses also from an Italian company, some of which are already waiting there, they may not be installed immediately. Because the Gigafactory project has not yet completed the entire approval process under the Federal Immission Control Act and has so far been implemented with step-by-step advance permits. According to Brandenburg Economics Minister Jörg Steinbach, it should be that far by the end of March at the latest. In addition, Tesla has submitted at least one application for another pre-approval, which has been under review since just before Christmas.


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