Exclusive: Tesla names start dates for Model Y from the German Gigafactory in the tender

At first almost nobody would have thought that Tesla would even choose Grünheide in Brandenburg as the location for its European Gigafactory, then many did not believe that it could be built as quickly as CEO Elon Musk always wanted. In fact, the approval process is flawed, but Tesla has in the meantime had the outer shell practically finished on the basis of advance permits and has started installing production technology on the inside. And as found out from industry circles on Thursday, the company is giving this May as the date for the start of prototype production of Model Y in its Giga Berlin in a current tender.

Series production of Model Y from summer

Information that a software entrepreneur had previously published on Twitter was confirmed and supplemented in industry circles. Accordingly, Tesla has tendered the transport of material and parts for the German Gigafactory to logistics companies and mentions that prototypes of the German Model Y will be produced from May 2021. Series production should begin in July or August of this year.

This corresponds to information from Tesla in its applications for Giga Berlin and earlier statements from Brandenburg’s Economics Minister Jörg Steinbach. However, he had recently said that he did not know whether Tesla could still make up for the delay of about two months that had occurred so far.

According to statements from industry circles, Tesla itself still seems to consider this to be possible. It is conceivable that the dates mentioned for prototype and series start would represent the ideal case, it said. But they should be taken seriously and at least not be exceeded by several months. Even Tesla could not keep the ultimately chosen logistics partner waiting for any length of time, even if the order was hotly contested for image reasons.

Material and parts for Tesla

According to information, Deutsche Bahn and at least one private logistics provider are competing for the Tesla order for Grünheide. It includes transport by rail (and possibly by ship beforehand) to train stations near Tesla’s German factory and from there the last few kilometers on trucks. For the time being, it will mainly be about deliveries: material and parts for the construction of the Model Y in containers. The removal of finished electric cars should not be part of the current tender.

It would be conceivable, for example, that Tesla would bring battery cells or even packages from the USA or China to Germany before the planned local supply begins. For the time being, however, the not unimportant question remained whether the German Model Y will get cells in the 4680 format developed by Tesla itself, which, according to CEO Elon Musk, will then form part of the vehicle structure.


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