Executions shortly before resignation: Trump in the “blood frenzy”?

“Superspreader Executions”?

Because lethal injection executions have repeatedly resulted in serious complications and the common execution poison pentobarbital is difficult to obtain, the US Department of Justice approved state execution methods in November that had long been abolished. The order came into force on December 24th. Again, things like: the electric chair, gas and shootings are allowed.

Prisoners who had murdered children and the elderly should now be executed as a priority. According to the investigative research platform ProPublica However, this requirement was not always met. Pentobarbital is also being bought by the Ministry of Justice from sources that are sometimes dubious.

Curious criticism came from the civil rights organization ACLU: Increased executions in Terre Haute would have spread the corona virus. As a “consequence of the wave of executions”, 19 people fell ill with Covid-19 and two prison employees died. Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren wants to investigate now. The ACLU spoke of “superspreader executions”. The fact that there were corona clusters in prisons – worldwide – is nothing in itself, however.

Still on the line: first woman since 1953

Three executions scheduled by Trump are still pending. Lisa Montgomery, for example. In 2004 she murdered a heavily pregnant woman and cut the baby out of her womb. On January 12, she is said to be the first woman to be executed in the United States since 1953. Her lawyers argue against it because Montgomery is mentally ill and was molested as a child. The other two death row inmates are infected with the corona virus, according to their lawyers.


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