“Exhaust scandal” at Tesla: New fun function gets a special name in Germany

Only the first half of the software update promised by Tesla CEO Elon Musk with many desired functions and surprises for Christmas has only arrived so far: The distribution of version 2020.48.26 began on the first holiday, but according to Musk, not everything turned out in time for the festival finished, which is why another update is coming. Among the new functions up to now, the revised “Emissions Testing Mode” provided amusement. In Germany, its expansion will not work at all for the time being – but Tesla has still come up with a special name for it.

More fun for Tesla electric cars

The term Emissions Testing Mode, which is directly translated as emissions test mode, sounds serious, but it is anything but that: With this function, Tesla drivers can play various gut wind noises from anywhere in their electric car, including instead of the normal one Turn signal noise. It was introduced by radio update at the end of 2018 – one of the many examples that Tesla wants to provide fun with its electric cars, as stated by CEO Musk as one of the goals.

This factor is also in the foreground with this year’s Christmas update (or its first part). In addition to a new preheating function and changed autopilot visualization, three more games were included in the Tesla selection. In addition, there is the boombox function, which can be used to play preset or your own sound files via the external loudspeaker for pedestrian warnings when driving slowly. And in the extended emission test mode, the stored gut wind noises can also be used for this.

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So finally, Tesla drivers can “fart roughly in the direction of people,” as Musk announced on Twitter earlier this year (using a wind emoji for the verb). And the CEO himself may have used his increasing knowledge of Germany and German again. Because in this country the function is now referred to as the “exhaust gas scandal”. This is of course an allusion to the problems that mainly German car manufacturers have dealt with with manipulated emissions measurements.

Musk suggests speaker retrofitting

So the name is doubly apt. However, German Tesla owners can only use the emissions scandal mode privately for the time being. Since autumn 2019, Tesla has been installing the external loudspeakers for acoustic warning signals to pedestrians that have been mandatory there since autumn 2019. They are missing in electric cars for other markets, as the curious discovered shortly after the update. Newer Teslas have at least the cable preparations for it, and Musk indicated when asked that retrofitting would probably be possible. So Tesla’s own emissions scandal in Germany can begin soon – it should be funnier and less harmful than the local one.


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