Exit poll: VVD remains the largest party in the Netherlands, D66 is on the rise

The VVD, the party of outgoing Prime Minister Mark Rutte, remains the largest party in the Netherlands. This is evident from an exit poll after the parliamentary elections.

According to the latest update of that exit poll, commissioned by the broadcaster NOS, the VVD wins 3 seats in the House of Representatives, bringing the liberal party to 36 seats. The left-liberal D66 would win 8 seats in one fell swoop, resulting in 27 seats. This makes D66 the second largest party in the Netherlands, and that for the first time in history.

The starting point for the next government coalition is so obvious with the liberal duo VVD plus D66. Together they have 63 seats, at least according to the exit poll. For a majority, 76 of the 150 seats are needed.

Rutte Prime Minister again

Geert Wilders’ PVV drops from second place to third place with 17 seats (-3). The Christian Democratic CDA, just like the VVD and D66, an outgoing government party, gets 14 seats (-5). That means that the VVD-D66-CDA combination would get a narrow majority of 77 seats.

Whatever the new coalition may be, it seems with these first tendencies to be established that Mark Rutte can warm up to a new term of office as Dutch Prime Minister. That was also the general expectation prior to the elections.

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