Expanding the bubble and full-time contact education in secondary education: what is on the table of the Consultation Committee?

After a Consultation Committee with little news last Friday, the various governments are now meeting again on Friday to discuss possible easing. However, we should not expect any big announcements.

Let’s talk numbers first. Last Friday, the threshold of 200 hospital admissions was crossed. The experts saw this as the beginning of a third wave. Fortunately, that prediction did not come true. If the number of hospital admissions increases by 20 percent, we are talking about an average of 150 admissions per day. The number of cases is also up 6 percent, but the number of deaths is down 18 percent, to 25 deaths in the past 7 days.

No miracles and no dramatization. Therefore, several measures considered last week could be implemented this Friday. For example, there are calls to enlarge the famous outdoor bubble from 4 to 8 people.


The highest priority is and will remain education. Minister of Health Frank Vandenbroucke (sp.a) repeated this this morning at La Première. He mentioned the opening of the university campuses in mid-March and full-time contact education for students in the second and third grade of secondary education.

The Easter holidays will be essential. Until then, no important measures should be relaxed. There is still talk of lifting the ban on non-essential travel by the end of March, and opening the hospitality and cultural sector at best in April, at worst in May. The MR and N-VA are pushing to expand the bubble of contacts within, but nothing has changed since last week’s tense talks. Politicians are now very careful to give people false hope, like last week.

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