Expert opinion: how dangerous are cyber risks for industry?

Natalia Oropeza, Siemens


By Natalia Oropeza, Chief Cybersecurity Officer at Siemens AG

Why is it so fundamental for companies to pay enough attention to cybersecurity? Quite simply because otherwise they run the risk of not surviving economically for the next few years.

Smartphones, online shopping, Netflix, Apple Pay – the list of possibilities offered by digitization is long. However, to the same extent as these innovative digital systems establish themselves in our everyday lives, so do the digital threats.

The same challenges also apply to the digitization of industry – even if the applications there look a little different than in our private lives. The awareness of the topic of cybersecurity is therefore closely linked to the changes in the digital landscape.

Why Siemens must take a leadership role

Due to its leading position in industrial digitization, Siemens recognized early on that cybersecurity is an integral part of the digital revolution. For example, the industrial Internet of Things (IoT) would be inconceivable without cybersecurity. Siemens sees this every day in its dealings with its customers, how much they are concerned with the topic. Everyone wants to advance digitization. But without adequate protection against cybercrime, these innovative digital solutions are at risk.

In other words, companies like Siemens can only be successful with their digital products and IoT services if they also offer the best possible protection against data theft and attacks.

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