Experts warn of hottest summers since weather records

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The World Weather Organization (WMO) warns of another hot summer in 2020, as the “Spiegel” reports. According to the experts, this summer could also be extremely hot in the northern hemisphere and break records.

WMO spokeswoman Clare Nullis said in a message that the early months of the year were very warm and indicated a hot year. 2020 could therefore be one of the warmest years since weather records began.

Corona restrictions make protection from heat difficult

Hot summers are anything but harmless. In the record heat summer of 2018, an estimated ten thousand people died as a result of the heat. This year people have to prepare for it again. The problem: The corona restrictions don’t exactly make this easier. In recent years there have been recommendations such as visiting cool shopping centers against the heat or visiting endangered people living alone. The corona measures are making the situation more difficult.

That is why the WMO, together with other partners such as the World Health Organization, published an information package online with recommendations and ideas for dealing with the heat. Among other things, it also highlights a brochure from the German Federal Environment Agency. The Federal Environment Agency recommends, among other things, wearing wide hats, applying cool water over the wrists or rubbing the feet and back with rubbing alcohol. Heat sources such as electrical appliances should also be switched off more often.


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