Export and share Whatsapp chat – this is how it works

With the export function in Whatsapp you can copy individual chat histories including media and send them to contacts via messenger or e-mail. How to find the hidden feature.

You can not only create entire backups of all chat histories in Whatsapp, but also export copies of individual Whatsapp chats and group chats and easily send them to contacts as a text file (TXT) including media (as an attachment) by email or other messenger. After the export function was not available for a year due to a legal dispute with Blackberry, it has been back since early 2021. To use the feature, you need the latest Whatsapp version (Android | iOS).

Export Whatsapp chat on Android and iOS

  • Open Whatsapp and select the desired individual or group chat that you want to copy and export.

  • Tap



    top right on the three-point menu, then on “More – Export Chat” |

    On iOS

    tap at the top on contact or group info, then on “export chat”.

  • Choose whether you want to export the chat with or without media.

  • Now tap on the app via which you would like to send the copy of the chat in TXT format with media as an attachment. For example Gmail, Outlook, Telegram, Whatsapp and Co.

With iOS you can alternatively simply drag a chat to the left in the main view of Whatsapp, then tap on “More – Export chat”.

Transfer Whatsapp:

From iOS to Android | From Android to iOS

Export chat with and without media: up to 40,000 messages

The export function is a simple way to either save individual chat histories for yourself or to quickly share them with other contacts.

Please note that you can only back up entire chat histories with the backup function. If you would like to export and share a Whatsapp chat including media (photos and videos), then you can, depending on the media size

up to 10,000 of the latest news

send. Without media, you can

up to 40,000 of the latest news

Share in the chat in the TXT file. This is related to the maximum email size, even if you send the file to another contact via Whatsapp or Telegram, where larger files would be possible.

By the way, with the export function it is also possible to import the chat history into Telegram, for example. In the “Share view”, simply select the Telegram app and then the right chat contact.


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