Extra costs and mandatory purchase of cleaning products from cleaning companies: “We cannot do otherwise”

The service voucher sector is groaning and consumers have to pay for it

Someone has to pay the bill: the government or the customer. According to Paul Verschueren, the government needs to tackle this again: “The sector is asking the government to make a choice, because as long as that does not happen, service voucher companies will take matters into their own hands. Because they have financial difficulties in the throat. , they charge the customer additional costs or services. “

From administrative costs to extra monthly costs for polishes

Many cleaning companies charge a monthly administrative fee on top of the service checks, others look for more creative solutions.

Listener An Lenders, for example, is very satisfied with her cleaning aid Michele, but less satisfied with the new measure from the company ‘Het Poetsbureau’. “There used to be no administrative costs, now we have to buy cleaning products from them and pay a monthly fee for them. If we do not subscribe to it as a customer, the agency will stop the collaboration. ”

According to Jo Mellemans, CEO of Het Poetsbureau, it is indeed possible to take it or leave it: “We really need that price increase”. But many customers and household helpers are just satisfied with this measure. “Demand has arisen based on the customers and the household helpers. We notice that there is a great demand from our customers to be ‘unburdened’: no ​​longer having to make sure that cleaning products and cleaning materials are always available.

Ecological and ergonomic: important for the health of household helpers

The Cleaning Office offers two formulas: an eco formula of 5.95 per month with three different cleaning products or the comfort formula of 12.95 per month with the necessary cleaning material (buckets, brooms, mopping systems, …)

Jo Mellemans emphasizes that the cleaning agency also wants to take care of the health of the household helpers in this way: “Scientific studies show that people who have to work with cleaning products from a department store throughout their career often suffer from chronic lung and skin diseases.”

“That is why we want to choose ecological cleaning products that are not chemical or corrosive. Furthermore, ergonomics is important, especially when you consider the problems that cleaning aids often have with the joints and wrists.”

Choice between household help or household product

So there is little for the affected customers; they must opt ​​for such a formula with products or their trusted household help. ‘The inspector’ tried to mediate and hoped that the Poetbureau would provide a formula without the obligation to purchase household products, but that did not work.


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