Extra screen in Tesla Model 3: Fan project for hidden iPad holder becomes product

The minimalistic operating concept of the Tesla Model 3 and now also Model Y with the central touchscreen for almost all functions and information requires some getting used to. This usually works quickly, but some owners of one of these electric cars still want additional displays, preferably as usual from other cars directly in the driver’s direction of vision behind the steering wheel or as a head-up display in the windshield. A Tesla owner and YouTuber from the USA has now brought a self-developed solution for an additional iPad in Tesla Model 3 and (soon) Model Y to product maturity. However, their meaning should not be open to everyone.

iPad Mini for Tesla Model 3

Brian Jenkins of the i1Tesla channel proudly presents a box with the product he has come up with, which a dealer for Tesla accessories is now selling in his online shop – manufactured in the USA, as the YouTuber emphasizes. However, the iPad is not installed like this in the driver’s view on the left, like other retrofit solutions for the small Teslas, but under the central screen, so that you have to take your eyes even further off the road to look at it or use it.

Nevertheless, an elegant solution is the product called tConsole, which can also be ordered for Europe. It replaces the flap behind which 3 models of mobile phones can be placed for charging. For assembly, the panels on the center console have to be removed and many screws have to be loosened, which looks feasible. In the replacement flap of the Tesla-YouTuber there is a recess exactly of the outer dimensions of an Apple iPad Mini 4 or 5; smaller devices down to the smartphone also fit, but are kept less tight.

However, most of the work is done by gravity anyway, because the flap is closed at original and retrofitted at a favorable angle of approximately 45 degrees. The fact that the trough for the iPad, which is barely more than a millimeter deep according to the pictures, also offers sufficient hold for a full-current start is mentioned by fade-in, but not demonstrated. However, the video shows what Jenkins made the effort for – according to him, more than a year of preparations. The iPad can be seen and reached from the driver’s seat, and the black model used is hardly recognizable if the screen is not activated.

Tesla hiding place against thieves and police

Integration into vehicle information was obviously not part of the concept. Instead, the YouTuber demonstrates that music can be transferred from the iPad to the Tesla speakers via Bluetooth or a weather map can be displayed on the iPad. And of course, on a tablet, unlike the original Tesla system, software that warns of speed cameras, for example, also runs.

The video addresses this in that it shows that the new flap has enough spring force to remain in the open position even with the device on it. From the iPad there is actually nothing left to see, which, according to the moderator, helps both against theft and during police checks. And to hear the beeping of radar detectors, you don’t even have to look at the low second central screen.


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