Extra tax for SUVs in France: German models particularly affected

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In France there may soon be a special tax for particularly heavy cars. The National Assembly debated this on Friday. The bill states that all cars weighing over 1.8 tons must be taxed. Every kilogram that is above this limit should cost 10 euros more in taxes.

French manufacturers would be little affected. Germans, on the other hand, all the more. The market share of Audi, Daimler and BMW is actually quite small in France. High-yield premium cars are particularly heavy, however. The Mercedes S-Class luxury sedan weighs a mere 2070 kilograms. That would mean an extra 2,700 euros.

Because they can be very heavy because of their drives, electric and hybrid vehicles are exempt from the tax. In order not to disadvantage large families, there should also be special regulations for vehicles with seven seats.

Representatives of the German car industry were rather taciturn on Friday, writes the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonnstagzeitung”. It was said by Daimler that the French market and the future market situation are being continuously monitored. “It remains to be seen how a possible tax adjustment would affect sales of Mercedes-Benz in France,” says the FAZ.

The French tax is a reaction to the yellow vest protests. At a citizens’ meeting, 150 people, elected by lottery, made environmental suggestions. As the FAZ writes, a representative of the citizens’ assembly welcomed the weight tax: “We have the impression that we have won.”

The environmental organization WWF spoke of a “historic step”. However, she also noticed that in France an average car weighs around 1,240 kilograms.


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