Extreme E: rollover, Rosberg wins, Abt-Cupra on the podium

Extreme racing, extreme accidents! The Extreme E in Sardinia was not for the faint of heart …
Ex-Formula 1 driver Stephane Sarrazin (45) felt this firsthand at the “Island X Prix”. In the so-called “Crazy Race”, the French man overturned several times. His electric SUV was junk, but Sarrazin escaped the wreck unharmed. “A small mistake with a big impact,” he commented dryly.
What happened? On the way to victory in the repechage, the rear of his Veloce racing car was levered out at 200 km / h. The car stood up and then rolled violently to the side several times. It was the second mega-crash after Claudia Hürtgens (Abt-Cupra) accident at the series premiere in Saudi Arabia.

The Sarrazin wreck.

The mega-crash also shows that the electric off-road vehicles with up to 544 hp are EXTREMELY safe!

The Extreme E is the new series from Formula E founder Alejandro Agag. The off-road electric series drove its fourth race this weekend. The venue for the extreme E-Championship was a military site on the Italian Mediterranean island of Sardinia. And: Sarrazin wasn’t the only accident victim.

Cristina Gutierrez from the team of Formula 1 World Champion Lewis Hamilton (X44) raced on a boulder and compressed her neck in the process. Rosberg pilot Molly Taylor also overturned in one run, but just drove on after the role and even made it to the final.

The electric SUVs are criticized for their durability problems (broken wheel suspensions, etc.). But Cupra driver Mattias Ektröm knows in an interview with AUTO BILD MOTORSPORT: “Most racing cars don’t break on their own, you need a racing driver who scraps them.”

Ekström lost his passenger door in the wild chase.

The pilots of the German Abt Cupra team in Sardinia have therefore held back elegantly. Jutta Kleinschmidt (59) and Mattias Ekström (43) took the first podium for Abt-Cupra with second place. “That was our big goal and we achieved it,” beamed former Dakar winner and desert queen Jutta Kleinschmidt after the solid ride through the rain on the Mediterranean island. Alone: ​​Ekström lost his passenger door in the wild chase …

A German team also won: Johann Kristoffersson and Molly Taylor secured the third win of the season for the Rosberg team from Neustadt an der Weinstrasse. Team owner and ex-Formula 1 world champion Nico Rosberg was there himself. Before the final in Great Britain in September, his team is on the verge of winning the first Extreme E title.

Johann Kristoffersson and Molly Taylor have secured the third win of the season for Team Rosberg.

Extreme E is raging against climate change in remote corners of the earth. With her races she wants to put her finger in the wounds of the planet and draw attention to environmental degradation. Topic in Sardinia: the threat to CO2-storing seaweed from the warming of the oceans and the consequences of forest fires. Extreme E boss Alejandro Agag wants to accelerate the change to electric mobility with his series.

Agag to ABMS: “Formula E made e-cars sexy and showed that e-cars can be fast too. But they don’t jump over stones. The automotive message of Extreme E is: Even someone who lives in the mountains or forests can use electric SUVs. In any case, the images that we send around the world are very strong and haunting. “

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