Extreme E – Rosberg: “Beat Hamilton as team boss”

“Now I want to beat Hamilton as a team boss”

In Extreme E, Nico Rosberg has his own team at the start

E.xtrem is not just the Extreme E concept. All-wheel-drive electric SUVs take you to places threatened by climate change. The duel between two team owners will also be extreme: Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton.

Nico Rosberg, you are returning to motorsport as RXR team principal in Extreme E. How much did you miss the competition?
Nico Rosberg (35): I just need the competition. This is the absolutely perfect project for me because it combines my love for sport with my aspiration as an entrepreneur to fight against climate change.

Curiously, you will meet Lewis Hamilton again, who is also bringing his team to the start with the X44.
I agree. I’m really happy that Lewis is following me on sustainability. We developed our teams in parallel, but didn’t know anything about each other. That’s awesome because it has the reach to draw attention to the series and thus the fight against climate change. And of course I’m looking forward to continuing our duel in a new role.

& amp; # x84; Now I want to beat Hamilton as a team principal & amp; # x93;

Lewis Hamilton also founds his own Extreme-E team

© Extreme E.

Hamilton is now the record winner in Formula 1 and, like Mercedes, will soon be world champion for the seventh time. Does that make you proud too?
In general, it makes me proud that I beat him in the same car. But I always knew how good he was. So his records are no surprise to me.

Will your new duel be as intense as in Formula 1?
Clear! This is motorsport, this is competition. But this time it will hopefully be just as intense off the track – but in a positive way. So that we can use this competition to do good for the environment.

But isn’t that actually a contradiction? Motorsport and environmental protection?
Not here. The Extreme E promises that we will leave the places better than we found them. And we will also race with zero emissions. The energy for the electric motors is generated on site with hydrogen generators. The logistics are reduced because we are traveling on a ship that Greenpeace also uses.

& amp; # x84; Now I want to beat Hamilton as a team principal & amp; # x93;

Nico Rosberg becomes team boss of his own Extreme-E-Tam


Formula E attacks Formula 1, Extreme E attacks the World Rally Championship. Is e-mobility the future in motorsport too?
Let’s put it this way: E-mobility has a great future in motorsport. Nonetheless, the hybrid engine still has its raison d’etre in Formula 1, and it can even become CO2-neutral, especially with synthetic fuels. For manufacturers, however, e-mobility is becoming more and more important – and in the end it is they who determine the importance of the racing series.

What will the mobility of the future look like and what will motorsport contribute to it?
With series like Extreme E or Formula E, we show how cool e-mobility is. In the distant future, mobility will be completely electric. My vision is that we have an app for the entire mobility chain. Mobility on subscription, very much autonomous. If I want to come to you for a barbecue, the velocopter will take me to the airport. The plane flies to Hamburg on hydrogen. Then I take the e-scooter or the autonomous car to the front door. The whole thing for 49.90 euros, without noise and environmental pollution. That’s why we practice in motorsport

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