EzBench: New benchmark based on Unreal Engine 5

If you want to test the performance of your graphics card with Unreal Engine 5, you should take a look at the EzBench benchmark.

The Unreal Engine 5 offers numerous new functions that enable huge game worlds with high-resolution textures and real-time lighting. Manufacturer Epic Games has already presented the advantages of the new engine in several tech demos. However, this plus in realism demands its price from the hardware installed in the computer. The graphics card, in particular, has to work correspondingly fast in order to be able to load the game worlds correspondingly quickly.

Free benchmark

With the free EzBench benchmark, which can be downloaded from Steam, PC gamers can now test the performance of Unreal Engine 5. The makers describe their software as a “next-generation graphics benchmarking tool”. 8K textures, cinema-quality assets and ray tracing push current graphics cards to their performance limits. Accordingly, the benchmark is a stress test and a worst-case scenario. Games optimized for retail would offer significantly better performance.

High demands on the GPU

For the EzBench benchmark, a GPU with at least 8 GB of video RAM should be installed in the computer. There is also 16 GB of RAM, 25 GB of hard drive space and a 7th generation Intel CPU. However, a CPU of the 10th core generation, 32 GB RAM and an RTX 3000 graphics card are recommended. Even with an RTX 3080, no usable frame rates can be achieved in UHD resolution in the benchmark. Even high-end graphics cards can be pushed to their limits in this way. The number of CPU cores hardly plays a role in the benchmark, but the graphics memory is fully utilized.

Download EzBench Benchmark for free on Steam

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