F1 22: Super athletes in the new game

The first laps in a new Formula 1 game are like the first test kilometers for Vettel, Verstappen and Co. On Tuesday it was that time again for the release of F1 22, the official game of this year’s season. The latest part of the Codemasters Formula 1 series promises many innovations. The game under test.

2022 was a change for Formula 1 with the switch to ground effect cars. The changes in drivability, the stiffness that drivers and teams struggle with, are also felt in F1 22. The vulnerabilities of the vehicles, which use aerodynamics to generate their downforce to a large extent via the underbody, are well simulated.

Aggressive curb riding with the 22cc models is a bad idea in both the real and virtual worlds. Reason: The air flow below the body is disturbed. The car gets restless and breaks out.

The first laps in a new Formula 1 game are like the first test kilometers for Vettel, Verstappen and Co.

The adaptation of the electric blanket regulation was also implemented in the game. Since 2022, the tires can only be preheated to a maximum of 70 degrees Celsius (previously 90 degrees Celsius). The colder wheels are a real challenge in the first corners.
The main menu has also received a new coat of paint.

With “F1 Life” we can now design our own headquarters. Various items such as furniture and clothing items can be unlocked for this showroom. The biggest eye-catchers in the ambience are swanky supercars, which are the biggest innovation in F1 22.

Because the high-horsepower road vehicles are not just decoration. You can also drive the Mercedes AMG GT-R, McLaren 720S or Ferrari F8 Triturbo on the track. With the vehicles we can complete various challenges on the Formula 1 tracks, master them on a gold, silver or bronze level, just like in the Gran Turismo game.

Even if the new sports cars bring variety, they are not what the players wanted. According to our survey, 75 percent of users would rather have classic cars and circuits from the pinnacle of motorsport in the game. At least 25 percent see the super athletes as a “cool change”.

The developers did a good job of implementing the new ground effect cars.

However, long-awaited adjustments are more popular. The new routes of Melbourne, Abu Dhabi and Spain have been implemented in F1 22 as well as the sprint races. The new Miami street circuit is also included and impresses as a detailed replica. In general, the game is again a graphical eye-catcher.

For an even more immersive gaming experience, Codemasters is now offering PC gamers the VR function for the first time. The game is compatible with five virtual reality glasses. Not included is the HP Reverb G2, one of the most coveted in sim racing. We were still able to start the game with the HP in our test.

However, an Nvidia RTX 3070 graphics card and an Intel i710700k processor were not enough to see a sharp and at the same time smooth image. At least in the time trial, without performance-sapping AI vehicles, we were able to enjoy the VR experience.

Despite the initial problems, Codemasters is heading in the right direction with VR technology and taking the virtual Formula 1 experience to the next level.

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