F1: Grosjeans horror crash: “It felt like eternity”

“Felt like forever”

Medical car driver Alan van der Merwe and FIA doctor Ian Roberts received Romain Grosjean from the burning wreck. Here van der Merwe reports on it

E.r was a duo that helped Romain Grosjean jump out of the hell of fire: FIA doctor Ian Roberts (GB) and Medical Car driver Alan van der Merwe (41 / South Africa). Both were the first rescuers on site after the marshals, Roberts ran bravely to the burning wreck and shook hands with Grosjean to get out.

“I haven’t seen anything like it in twelve years,” says van der Merwe. “I’ve never witnessed such an impact. So it took us a moment to understand what happened. I can’t tell if it was just a second, but it felt like an eternity.”

But the Frenchman was able to leave the burning cockpit, which had drilled into the guardrail, in time. “It was a relief when he got out there and was okay,” said van der Merwe. “It shows that all the systems we have developed work hand in hand – halo, guardrails, belts. Everything worked as it should. Without it it would have turned out very differently. ”


Grosjeans horror accident

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Haas team boss Günther Steiner later thanked the medical car pilot personally. Steiner praises the helpers: “When you see something like that, you just hope that he’s been lucky. You’re scared if you don’t see if he’s out of the car. The FIA ​​and Marshalls did a great job and got him out of the fire quickly. “

In the meantime, more and more details about the accident are leaking out. Apparently, after the collision with Daniil Kwjat (Alpha Tauri), the Frenchman crashed into the guardrail at 53g and a speed of 221. Grosjean lost his right shoe because it was hanging with his feet between the pedals. Ex-driver Alexander Wurz at ORF: “He gets out without a shoe, which means that his feet should have penetrated the pedal box upon impact. When he gets out he basically takes off his shoe himself. It’s not a big problem. But of course the shoe also protects against fire. ”

No fractures were found during a check-up at the hospital, instead burns on the top of his hands.

Race winner Lewis Hamilton, however, reminds of the dangers of sport: “That was a shocking picture. You know if you get in the car you are taking a risk. The halo worked, the barrier didn’t cut off his head. But that shows how dangerous our sport is. The risk is not a joke. ”


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