F1: Hamilton Fortune: Hamilton is the richest British athlete

Hamilton is the richest British athlete

Lewis Hamilton has accumulated so much wealth that he is now the richest British athlete ever. These are the numbers.

SLewis Hamilton is rich: The six-time Formula 1 world champion has assets of 253 million euros! Almost 45 million euros are added annually.

At least that’s what the “Sunday Times” reports. Since 1989 she has published the list of the richest people in Britain. There are also various athletes among them. With the 253 million euros, Hamilton is not only the richest athlete currently, but even of all time. Football star David Beckham came to about 223 million euros in 2013.


Lewis Hamilton brings in millions of euros at Mercedes

Rory Mcllroy (Golf) is currently in second place with 192 million euros. Gareth Bale, football star at Real Madrid, has 128.7 million euros in assets.

In the winter, the wildest speculation about Hamilton’s wages through the British media landscape was haunted. His Mercedes contract expires at the end of 2020. He is said to claim up to 60 million euros in annual credit. It seems unlikely that he will get it. On the one hand, such a salary is no longer justifiable in the corona crisis. On the other hand, Sebastian Vettel is an alternative on the market. The German wants to switch to the world champion team after leaving Ferrari.


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