F1 teams agree to lower budget cap and reforms

After months of discussion, the ten Formula 1 teams finally agreed on Friday to a series of FIA and Formula 1 measures aimed at securing the future of the sport. Various British sources, including the BBC, report that the teams agreed to a further cut in the budget ceiling in 2021. The initial ceiling of $ 175 will be lowered to $ 145 million in part due to the corona crisis next year.

The new amount is a compromise between the rich top teams and the smaller independent teams like McLaren, who had bet on a maximum of $ 100 million per year. The $ 145 million will eventually decrease to a maximum spend of $ 135 million per year for the period 2023 through 2025. This amount is – as previously confirmed – exclusive of various cost items, including the salary of both drivers and the three highest paid members of the team.

Aerodynamic handicap

In addition to the financial measures, the teams also agreed to a number of radical changes in the rules of sport. One of the measures is a so-called aerodynamic handicap system, which gives the poorest performing teams the opportunity to spend more time developing aerodynamics the following year, while the best performing teams may spend less time developing the aerodynamics. car.

According to the BBC the team that finished the year before in the championship from 2021 will only be allowed to spend 90% of the maximum hours allowed on the development of wind tunnel aerodynamics. This percentage increases by 2.5% per World Cup position, allowing the team that finished last to spend 112.5% ​​of the time on the development of aerodynamics over the previous year. From 2022, the constructor champion may only spend 70% of the time on development and the percentage per World Cup position will increase by 5%.

WMSC will vote on measures next week

The changes to the regulations will first be submitted to the FIA ​​World Motor Sport Council next week before the measures are finally implemented. However, the approval of the FIA ​​WMSC is usually no more than a formality.


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